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Exceeding Expectations since 1970! Grogg's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. would like to add you to the long list of satisfied customers who make us who we are today! We provide service on all brands of equipment and install new hvac systems for existing homes to new construction.


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  • Family-owned: We're a local, family-owned and operated business.
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  • Reputable: Established in 1970.
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Grogg's Comfort Corner

Oldest Furnace Contest Winners!
Posted on Thursday December 22, 2016

Congratulations to… Joe Barker of Bridgeport & Mary Daniel of Parkersburg  These individuals are the lucky winners of a new high efficient gas furnace with free installation! Both in service nearly 60 years. One winner was so happy that they went ahead and purchased an air conditioner! We want to thank everyone who entered the contest a... Read More

Furnace working in overdrive?
Posted on Thursday December 15, 2016

Cold weather has officially arrived! Your furnace will begin working extremely hard to keep you and your family comfortable and safe this winter. One piece of advice that unfortunately many people don’t heed is this. As soon as you spot a potential issue with your system, schedule a service call. Many people tend to wait until the problem complet... Read More

Is your furnace high-efficient?
Posted on Thursday December 08, 2016

The best way to tell if your furnace is a high-efficiency model or not is to take a look at the vent. If it is a metal vent, chances are it is NOT high efficiency. High-efficiency furnaces exhaust with minimal heat that they actually vent with PVC plastic pipe. All of the heat that used to exit your home via that old metal pipe now gets to stay in ... Read More