Thankful & Warm

I would like to say Thank You. I am grateful you were able to move my install date up. I know how difficult scheduling can be. I am thankful and WARM for all the effort you and your employees put into our comfort.

When the heater broke down, you had one of your techs at our house very quickly and he was able to get the unit running and heated the house up for a bit. However, as luck would have it, the old system just didn't have any more heating days left in it.

The crew you sent here to get us some heat for the weekend, I am sorry I can't remember their names, but they were very professional and polite. They explained exactly what they were going to do and answered any and all our questions. Which we did have many. They both worked very hard. I really want to express to how proud you should be having both working for your company. They really show how professional your company is. I was able to leave for a scheduled weekend away knowing they would not leave our house without making sure my family would be warm for the weekend.

When they showed back up on Monday to finish the job and do the duct cleaning, again they were professional and answered all my questions. Which again I had a lot. It was nice watching them both work as a team to get the duct cleaned and finish hooking up the rest of the system. They made sure my 90 year old mother in law didn't go with out heat very long and kept starting it up as they worked on other parts of the furnace or got things ready to clean the ducts.

Again, I want to say thank you for everything. I would recommend your company and employees to all my friends.

P. Shook